Floor Plans

Floor plans are an essential part of your listing. They prepare the clients on what to expect from a property and it gives them a valuable visualization of the space, measurements, and other features of the property.

Make Your Listing Stand Out

The benefits of Floor Plans are clear, but carry even more weight during a global Pandemic. Floor Plans allow potential buyers to get a sense of the layout of the house, and can be the difference between someone coming to see your listing or not. Floor Plans increase exposure while at the same time eliminating wasteful showings. So why even list without it?

Our goal is to make everything affordable, so we are rolling this out at a flat cost of $75. In order to give you an unprecedented edge over your competitors.


Can I pay for a Floor Plan on a listing I already have photos of?

This depends, If the photoshoot was done by us AND we have a 3D Tour from that photoshoot, the answer is yes.

Is there additional turnaround time if I order a Floor Plan?

Floor Plan add-ons will be delivered 1-3 business days after the original photoshoot has been delivered.

Can a Floor Plan be added onto any photoshoot?

No, only Tyto Photoshoots and 3D Tour shoots can have a Floor Plan added on. We use the data captured by our 3D Camera in order to generate the Floor Plan.

Does the price vary depending on the size of the home?

No, all Floor Plans have a standard price of $75, no matter the square footage.

Will the Floor Plan include measurements?

No, the Floor Plan will be devoid of measurements in order to protect you, the Realtor. Inaccuracies in measurements are potential pitfalls to lose deals over so we opt not to include them. Floor Plans are meant to help customers get a sense of the layout.

Terms & Conditions

All data used for Tyto Media Floor Plans are obtained from various sources should be independently reviewed and verified for accuracy. None of our Floor Plans include measurements in order to protect our clients. Floor Plans are meant for getting a sense of the layout and how rooms are connected, not as a record of specific measurements.


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