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Tips on Prepping & Staging Your Home for Listing Photos

It takes a team-effort to have a great photoshoot. The agent, the seller, and the photographer must all work together to ensure the best possible results.

More people will see and tour the property online than in person, so it should look its absolute best on the day of the photoshoot!

Here are some tips to help agents and homeowners get every space of the house ready for its close up.

First Things First

You want to make sure that the house is as clean as possible inside and out.

Clean all of the mirrors, floors, and surfaces. You want to ensure they are spotless, unsmudged and shining in the photos.

Declutter every surface in every room, including toiletries in the bathrooms and place a few pillows on your couch or bed.

Depersonalize your home. While you don’t need to remove every single family photo, keep those personal images to a minimum.

Place a few pieces of art on the walls and try to stick to a single color scheme.

Open all blinds. Allow the natural light to flow in. Brighter rooms will appear larger and photograph better.


The exterior of a home is the first thing potential buyers notice. It is an introduction to what lies within.

Mow the grass if you have a front or backyard. Plant some flowers, give the garden a fresh and lively look.

Clear any mess that happens to be lying about. Toys, hoses, gardening tools, anything that can be distracting in the picture.

Removing the cars from the front of the house assures that only your home is visible in the photos.

If you happen to have furniture in the garden, make sure everything is nicely arranged.

Cleaning out the pool and turning on any water features you may have, will make it look much more appealing in the pictures.

Finally, make sure to clean the windows and you can even repaint the home’s exterior to give it a fresher look.

Living Room

If your living room looks overly neutral and minimalistic, a few colorful and textured pillows will help you keep the whole look from appearing too bland.

Your coffee table, end tables, and mantelpiece shouldn’t be cluttered, but they shouldn’t be empty either, or the room will look barren and sterile.

Cleaning the curtains and the carpets will give your living room a fresher and crisper look. Same goes for the walls, if they need a fresh coat of paint.


When it comes to listing photography, the master bedroom tends to be a focal point. Most potential buyers will pay attention to this bedroom the most.

It’s best to go for a soft, serene look that promises a soothing night’s sleep. Pick up a solid, neutral duvet cover if your current bedding overwhelms the space.

For smaller bedrooms decorated for kids and teens, it’s fine to keep colorful bedspreads and décor, as long as the rooms are neat and clean.


There’s lots to look at in the bathroom. The sink, shower/tub, and toilet, all three need to be scrubbed pristine clean.

As some of the smallest spaces in your house, less is more when you’re staging your bathrooms. So remove almost everything from the countertops.

Add an eye-catcher to your cleared bathroom sink area with a bamboo soap dispenser and the quintessential stack of three spa-rolled towels.

If your shower needs a shower curtain, you have an opportunity to play with color and texture. Just steer clear of shower curtains with kitschy imagery, busy pattern, or an overwhelming design style.


When it comes to staging your kitchen, you want to make sure to show off every available inch. Remove everyday essentials like your coffee maker, microwave, a jar of utensils, etc.

To avoid the kitchen looking too stark and empty, place a few décor items on the counter. For example, you can warm up a crisp white kitchen with a clear glass bowl filled with vibrant yellow lemons.

It is also recommended to remove personal items such as pictures or cards that may be hanging on the fridge. Your garbage can should also be put away when taking the pictures, leaving your kitchen perfect and inviting.

Dining Room

Whether you have an entire dining room or simply a table in the living room, you need to prepare it for photography too. Make sure the table is spotless and free of any random items. Set the table and straighten up the chairs.

You can look for ideas online on how to stage a dining room using proper plate setting. However you can get away with just a few candlesticks and a vase of fresh-cut flowers.


Although last on our list, lighting is possibly the most important home staging photography tip.

Great photos require great lighting, so make sure any burnt light bulbs are changed. Turn on the lights when you are taking pictures or videos of a specific area.

Rely on natural lighting too, especially when photographing your home’s interior. With proper lighting, any area looks more lively and inviting, which is exactly what you need.


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